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Ingredient name Scientific name
Beeswax Cera alba
Black cumin seed oil Nigella sativa
Distilled water Aqua
Glycerin Glycerol
Lavandin Lavandin grosso
Oregano Origanum vulgare
Rice bran oil Oryza sativa
Sea buckthorn fruit oil Hippophae rhamnoides
Sweet orange oil Citrus sinensis
Tea tree oil Melaleuca alternifolia

Rice bran oil is used throughout as the dlliuent and carrier which can make up 75%-90%.

Sweet orange is used as a fragrance  at 3%-8%. In Mouth Care it is a little higher as the principal active ingredient. Other oils are used in the range of 0%-6%. Tea tree is limited to 2%

Chart showing ingredient by product

"Y" denotes the product contains the ingredient.

Makeup and essential oils in RubItOn
RubItOn product ingredients

RubItOn Care Product Codes

SB Skin Balm,  SO Skin Oil, SBP Skin Balm Plus, SOP Skin Oil Plus, SOL Skin Oil Light

DB Deep Balm, DO Deep Oil, DOP Deep Oli Plus, DOU Deep Oli Ultra

CUI CalmU Inhaler, CUB CalmU Balm, ML Mouth Liquid

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Indicative chemical content of RubItOn products.
RubItOn. Chemical content of essential oils.

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