Notes for users

Notes about how to use RubItOn Herbals after consultation

External use only except Mouth Care Liquid.
Put a little on finger or hand and apply to infection or area surrounding ailment. Can be applied on a dressing.
If separated in bottle shake or hand warm. If pot oily, cool it. Close lid after use.
Discard after 6 months from opening.
Apply 1-3 times a day or as needed. For persistent ailments only occasional top-up, or none, may be needed. Persevere with staph. or fungal infections.
Tested on delicate tissues and proven effective.  Tested on eyes but not recommended.

Warning: Deep Care  and Skin Care Plus labelled herbal remedies are not approved for use on delicate tissues.

Balm: easy to apply, can act as moisture barrier and stays in place. May be applied directly to bite, sting, acne, infection, wound, ulcer etc. or used on a dressing. Pleasant to RubItOn to a sore back, muscle or joints.

A little slower acting than oil. Not available for some uses where more effectiveness is needed.

Small 20ml pots are intended for purse, bag, toolbox or first aid kit.

Oil can applied direct from fliptop bottle or a little on hands or fingers to RubItOn. Hand can be cleaned by rubbing excess on arms etc. If the hands are too sensitive to Deep Care apply by tissue.

Warning: Deep Care  and Skin Care Plus labelled herbal remedies are not approved for use on delicate tissues.

This depends on judgement. General rule:  a larger measure to start and taper off frequency with improvement. Note warnings below for some uses.

Acne and infections may require RubItOn 2-3 times a day initially and less shortly later. Staph. is particularly persistent but RubItOn has proved its match. A red spot on the skin should not be ignored. Keep up the attack 2x daily until gone.

Anti-fungal, RubItOn Plus, is not for use on thrush-It is too powerful. Skin Care Balm is OK for that.

Otherwise, Skin Care Plus Oil or Balm can be used on skin or nails. Persistence may be required and a skin infection not under control within 1 week should be seen by a doctor. Fungi have too many varieties to easily deal with.
However, application to infected nails may take a month before part or the whole nail drops off being naturally replaced.

Fungal skin rashes can be dealt with by applying Skin Care Plus Oil. That is very soothing and helps healing as well as fighting infection. The balm also works but doesn't cover so readily. A teaspoon of oil can be added to a bath giving both healthy comfort and preventing the spread of the infection.

A diabetic foot with skin scraped off had a dressing applied with Skin Care Balm and was left undisturbed for 24 hours. The wound then had a visible new thin layer. It was then left uncovered with  RubIton applied by hand 1x daily for a further 2 weeks.

Skin Care only is recommended.  Infections, bites, stings, cuts, nits, nappy rash etc. need immediate attention.  Skin Care is surprising versatile and the ingredients historically proven. The application is both external  and small.  Ultimately it's the user's choice and personal risk.

For nits and nasties Skin Care may be rubbed into the scalp or lathered on in the bath by applying to the scalp and adding a few drops of household kitchen dishwash liquid. Leave for a five minutes then wash off. The orange oil loosens nit eggs.

RubItOn began with our own needs for baby and infant care as well as the ever- present staph. The oil base acts as a moisture barrier too. If in doubt consult your professional carer.

Moisturiser, moisture barrier and skin care in one. Not tested yet for baby care but expected to prove very handy. Sea buckthorn fruit oil with a touch of Sweet orange in a Rice Bran oil carrier powers this. It is powerful antioxidant with 190 separate components including the rare Omega 7 required for skin healing.

Psoriasis on the scalp is being alleviated solely with Skin Care Light Oil. The oil is applied directly from the bottle with a quick light rub by hand to follow. Dose is as needed and about 24-36 hourly. Flaking appears reduced with itching and scratching mostly gone. Sleep is no longer disturbed. The initial treatment with Deep Care Oil took away the swelling. That was followed by Skin Care Oil which handled any flareups.  This is a work in progress.



Deep Care can be applied 2-3 times a day. Each application may help ease pain or the irritation of a crampy muscle. Only one application may be needed for the day.  If the pain is extreme consider Deep Care Plus.

Arthritic pain has been known to slowly reduce completely over only a few weeks using Deep Care Balm. After a dose wears off, when pain re-appears apply again. The re-appearance time may lengthen and the pain intensity diminish.

Deep Care Plus is stronger as an anti-inflammatory. The doses are no larger. Because the oil is quicker acting we are not providing the balm form. Apply as any other oil but avoid delicate tissues and eyes.  It is made for bad backs, sprains, joint pain and muscle spasm. The skin may feel warm after application. Action can be almost immediate. Plans of taking the day off can be put aside with a few minutes. It can be applied and one ceases to be aware that they even had a pain!

Starter for arthritis pain. For knees, hips and other joints try this first. You may not need another bottle.

Deep Care Ultra

Eczema may need both a stronger anti-inflammatory and skin repair. This is Deep Care Plus enhanced for that purpose. Other uses may yet be revealed.  The warnings applicable to Deep Care apply here too.

Sweet Orange is used for compatibility. That fragrant oil is also a powerful antiseptic to add to the armoury against infections as well as having a bonus calming affect.

Skin reactions: rare.
Swallowing: small quantity expected safe.
Pets: accidental licking expected safe. Not tested for use on cats or dogs.
Spillage: may react with some surfaces and plastics.
Flammability: very hard to set on fire.